Support for business creation

The creation of a company

In Quebec, a for-profit business is generally defined by three distinct modes of operation: the general partnership (S.E.N.C.), the sole proprietorship and the incorporated business. This last mode of operation of the company has many advantages that make it a preferred mode.

Incorporating a company is a task that requires quite complex administrative and tax procedures, which can quickly become time-consuming. Aware of this current state of affairs, we therefore offer you a platform aimed at helping you achieve your incorporation, in a simple and effective way.

In addition, our specialized team of experts acts at the expense of certain administrative procedures. The documentation produced and the keeping of the minute book are just a few examples of topics we deal with, internally.

Thus, whether you are a lawyer, notary, entrepreneur or professional in another field of activity, we have the necessary resources to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us to entrust us with your incorporation and receive it as soon as possible.

Name and establishment of the statutes

By incorporating your business, you will be able to benefit from several advantages including a tax reduction, a continuity of existence and a simplification of business financing. The process to be carried out for an incorporation of your company requires time and specific knowledge. This is precisely what our experts offer to make your job easier.

To be recognized, a company must have a corporate name and searching for it is the first step in the process.

Support in the search for the name

Depending on your wishes, you can register your company under two types of name: the name in full and the numerical one. At Incorporation, we offer you a short form that will take you less than 3 minutes to fill out in order to know all your preferences in this regard.

In the event that you choose a numerical name composed of a series of numbers and the words “Québec” and “inc.”, the Registraire des entreprises will take care of the allocation. If, on the other hand, you decide to opt for the numerical name, our experts will check that your proposal complies with the established naming rules.

Assistance in drawing up the statutes

Once the name of your company has been chosen, it is now necessary to establish the structure that will define it. This involves the creation of its articles of incorporation. Here again, two schemes are possible: basic incorporation and custom incorporation.

By choosing us to carry out your basic incorporation, we will take care of providing you:

  • an assigned numerical name;
  • predetermined articles of incorporation that you can amend as you see fit later;
  • a limited number of directors of 10;
  • and between one and two classes of shares.

In the custom incorporation, our team will take care of the steps to obtain you articles of incorporation with:

  • a company name;
  • A number of administrators you choose.
  • a defined share capital structure;
  • and restrictions on the business activities you wish to establish.

Also, we provide you with articles of incorporation established in the language you prefer between English and French and even offer bilingual and dual formats.

Choice of the initial address of the registered office and the board of directors

In Quebec, to be recognized as a corporation, your company must have a head office and a board of directors. It is in the initial statement that its parameters will be specified in addition to other basic information about your company such as the names of its shareholders.

The address of your company’s head office is where the organization’s books and other official documents relating to your activities will be served. From a legal point of view, any document sent to this address is considered received by your organization, hence the importance of making a good choice.

For this reason, when you opt for our services, we get in touch with you directly. This allows us to have a better understanding of your needs, to perform their validation and to be sure of the accuracy of the details of your company that we incorporate.

Also, we take care of the proper registration of the first board of directors of your company and its president. Our incorporation specialists will be responsible for checking whether the board of directors you are proposing meets the requirements of the directors so that it can be easily registered.

Payment of fees and remote service

In order for the incorporation process to be finalized, the last step is the payment of the costs of receiving and processing the initial declaration. This fee must be paid to the Registrar before your application for incorporation is certified as complete and the application is processed.

For a validation of your application, the payment of the processing fee is usually made through the Online Filing Centre or by mail. With us, we make this step much faster by allowing you to pay the fees directly by phone.

Shareholders' Agreement

Facilitate your decisions between colleagues thanks to the shareholders' agreement.

Creating a tax bill

Cultivate your ability to understand tax bill data.

Minute Book

Improve your business decisions with the minute book.