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Yes, The Quebec Business Corporations Act and the Canada Business Corporations Act require each corporation to keep an up-to-date minute book. It’s up to you to choose whether you want to have a physical or digital minute book.

No, you can own an e-minute book. The important thing will be to ensure that the document is updated regularly.

  • The enterprise register contains information relating to the identity of an enterprise or association registered in Québec. You will find the following information:
  • Its Québec enterprise number (NEQ);
  • His name;
  • His address;
  • Its legal form;
  • The date of its last update in the register;
  • Its main areas of activity;
  • Its shareholders;
  • Its directors;
  • His associates;
  • Its establishments;
  • The index of the documents it has produced and which have been deposited in the register;
  • The other names she uses in Quebec.

This is a 10-digit number assigned to each company at the time of registration in the register. For more information on the NEQ, visit The Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ). is a platform that allows you to incorporate your business in a simplified way online Incorporate