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How do I get a NEQ?

Registration with the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec (REQ) is one of the steps that follow a business incorporation. Most of the time, self-employed workers start their businesses without them having been registered. The fact is that this professional status offers a considerable advantage. It is a question of integrating the declaration of the corporate cash with the tax return of natural persons. However, at some point registration will be required. The procedure to have the NEQ of your company is very simple. Follow us here to learn more.

Be eligible to make the declaration of registration

Before starting the registration declaration procedure, you must be among the 10 natural and legal persons mentioned by the REQ.

Generally, the person who declares the registration of the corporation is the individual who manages a sole proprietorship in Québec. Neither his name nor his first name appears in the name of the company.

However, the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec makes an exception. Natural persons may register their companies if their first and last names are in the name of the company. This is voluntary registration. This makes it possible to make the company known publicly.

Whatever the form of registration chosen, the most important thing is to obtain the Québec enterprise number (NEQ).

Pay the declaration fee

As you may have guessed, business registration is not free. There is a fee schedule that is updated annually. Rates depend on the status of the registrant.

Declaration of registrationRegularPriority
Natural person$36$54
Associations and other groups of persons$36$54
For-profit corporations and trusts$343$514.50
Non-profit legal entity$36$54

Every year, registration must be renewed. To this end, registration fees must be paid.

Steps to follow and information to provide

To proceed with the declaration of registration, you must go to the REQ platform. The language used is French. The duration of the process depends on who is running it, but it is on average 10 minutes.

The REQ offers on its platform, several business registration procedures. For our case, we will opt for the procedure of natural persons.

There is a number of information and documents to provide online to register your business. They depend on the process chosen for the declaration.

  • Each step corresponds to a type of information to be provided. Here is the information that the natural person must provide: name and contact details of the signatory of the request;
  • the name of the natural person;
  • the name he uses in the course of his duties in the company;
  • the contact details of his domicile;
  • the contact details of the domicile and the identity of the person mandated upon receipt of the documents of the natural person;
  • 2 master activities carried out by the natural person;
  • the number of employees working in Québec;
  • the names of the establishments present in Québec and their activities;
  • information about the manager of the property of others;
  • the number and email of the person to be contacted by the REQ for further information.

All this information is basic. You are free to choose the 2 main activities of the company. Choose from the proposals that will be made to you. You will need it to apply for a credit card for your business.

Entrust the registration of your company to professionals

As you have probably already guessed, although the declaration of registration seems simple, it could become time-consuming.

Our company Incorporation Entreprise is a company that accompanies many companies in the process of their registration. It allows joint-stock companies or partnerships (SENC) to quickly obtain their Québec enterprise number (NEQ). This procedure follows the business registration also carried out by us.

Everything starts as soon as you get in touch with us. We collect your information and documents necessary for the declaration of registration. We then proceed to analyze this information to ensure its accuracy. As soon as this is done, we will ask you to proceed with the payment for the service.

Once the payment is made, we begin the procedure and finalize it. After a few working days, you will receive your NEQ and appear in the REQ.

Incorporation Entreprise also supports its clients to:

  • the development of business plans;
  • the preparation of financial forecasts;
  • provincial registration;
  • Québec income declaration;
  • implementation of an asset protection strategy;
  • Etc.

Our main goal is to save you time. This time will allow you to go about other activities that are more lucrative for your business.

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