Minute Book
(for Enterprise)

The company's book

The Minute Book, otherwise known as the Company Book, is a corporate incorporation document. Within it, the company will keep its records and various documents required by the legislation. The latter can also be called a corporate book in some countries, or a company registry in the context of a federal corporation.

It can also require considerable costs and numerous administrative procedures. This is because of the maintenance of financial statements, documents to be filed each year, as well as tax returns. Here’s everything you need to know about producing Livre minutes in Montreal.
With us, you no longer have to worry about managing the minute book. Take care of other files of your structure and entrust us with the management of the incorporation. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or an already established business, we will help you incorporate your company, with unparalleled efficiency.

The usefulness of a minute book

According to the Montreal Business Corporations Act and the Canada Business Corporations Act, each business must keep a minute book. The structure will also have to be updated. You can choose between a digital version and a physical model.

When it comes to the production of minute books, you can contact specialist organizations online (or physically). The corporate book consists of the regulations of the structure. In addition, you will find the multiple resolutions taken by shareholders and directors.

In this booklet, you will also be able to enter the registers of individuals, officers, shareholders, directors and much more.

Importance of support when producing minute books in Montreal

This book is crucial for any serious society. There are many reasons to keep such a register.

For the respect of business law

One of the first reasons you need to keep such a notebook is to comply with Canadian laws, which require you to keep accurate records of your corporation. This concerns:

  • any enterprise formed under Part 1A of the Companies Act;
  • as of 2009, any business corporation under the Quebec Business Corporations Act.

The latter must keep a corporate book or notebooks containing all the information mentioned above. All this under section 31 of the Act. With respect to federal business corporations, the Canada Business Corporations Act requires the same in sections 20 and 50.

Production of a minute book for the opening of a bank account in Montreal

Business law requires a company register for any company that wishes to open a bank account for its activities. Note that the corporate book becomes mandatory for any financial institution. This is the second reason for the usefulness of this document.

The register of companies for a good organization

The personal register also helps the company to manage itself much more easily. You will no longer need to search through hundreds of documents to find your tax number or your initial declaration. All administrators can now have access to all the information they are looking for, in a single book.

With this notebook, you now know where every important piece of information from your montreal-based company (or elsewhere) is. It is advisable, for a joint-stock company, to put order in all the files concerning its management. Rightly so, in the context of a company dissolution, legal documents can be easily found.

The corporate book update service

In case you want to incorporate your structure in Montreal (or anywhere else), you can contact our professionals specialized in incorporation cases, for support in different areas.

Other items included in minute bookkeeping

Apart from the registration, the tax bill and the legal organization, you can record other elements in your notebook. Bookkeeping also includes the verification of financial transactions that took place during the current (or ending) fiscal year.

This notebook is therefore intended to facilitate the transaction history of your company over a given period. Even in the context of the reconsideration of an initial statement, important information (such as the annual report ) must be included in the minute book. This can greatly help in the context of a company dissolution.

The register of individuals

For a better legal organization, it is imperative that you get a minute book. To obtain it, several choices are available to you. You can easily place your order on the internet or inquire with our specialized professionals.

Your registration will be available to you, in all cases necessary on the platform of incorporation of companies (whatever it is). As part of a business incorporation, you will, in any case, have to contact a service specialized in the field. So call on us!

This will allow you to get a book on measurement thanks to our experienced team.

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