Any incorporation starts from $395.

(registrar fee $356 extra)


Turnkey form

Any incorporation starts from $395 + the business registrar fee ($356).

To facilitate the incorporation process, the Registrar’s fee will be payable at the same time as the IncorporationCompany.ca invoice.

What does this formula include? This formula includes everything you will need to start your business on the right foot such as the initial declaration, the payment of registration fees, the articles of incorporation in accordance with description of the share capital, the writing and production of the minute book.

Optional additions to embedding

Incorporation with a name (+$50)

Add this service for an additional $50.
By default, when we constitute your incorporation, it will have a numerical designation. If you decide to issue a name when you incorporate, you can reserve one for an additional $75.

Additional shareholders (+$50)

Add this service for an additional $50 per shareholder after 3.
For example, if your company has 5 shareholders at the time of incorporation, you will be charged an extra $100.

Physical minute book (+$75)

Add this service for an additional $75.
By default, we provide you with an e-minute book that you will receive by email. If you decide to have a book of physical minutes, you can get it for an additional $75.

GST / QST - Tax registration (+$90)

Add this service for an additional $90.
Is it necessary? In general, you must register for GST/QST when you expect to exceed $30,000 in sales. However, it is recommended that you register for taxes at the time of incorporation since you will be able to start recovering taxes on your business expenses.

Incorporation with a lawyer, consultation included (+$200)

Add this service for an additional $200.
Do you have doubts and questions? Have the peace of mind to ask your questions to a lawyer specializing in business law and corporate incorporations to make sure you do things according to the rules of the art.

Federal Incorporation Registration (+$290)

Add this service for an additional $290.
It is well seen when you want to do business anywhere in Canada to have a federal business. However, if the majority of your activities are carried out in Quebec, it will not be necessary federal incorporation unless your head office is outside the province of Quebec.

Incorporation for a professional (+$550)

Add this service for an additional $550.
You are a professional and you want to incorporate? We can make your incorporation at a competitive rate.