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The stakeholders of an incorporation

A real tool for the growth and development of a company, incorporation offers several advantages to entrepreneurs. However, there are costs associated with this process and must follow administrative procedures specific to your industry. The accounting, tax and legal management of the company must be equipped with more advanced expertise to produce the financial statements, tax returns, a tax notice and other necessary annual document.

These aspects sometimes require the intervention of lawyers, notaries, accountants or advisors. If you decide to incorporate your business in Montreal, our network of qualified professionals offers you legal advice to assist you in your efforts.

Lawyers specialized in business law!

The importance of consulting a lawyer in the field of business is well established. The ever-increasing need for legal advice (expressed by entrepreneurs) confronts the commercial realities encountered on the ground.

Whether it is an SME or a large company, developing a close collaboration with a business lawyer offers great advantages. Mastering the workings of the legal industry, this professional facilitates the various key steps to overcome the security and maintenance of your business. Here, the idea is to optimize management for all legal aspects related to the incorporation of your company. This will allow you to focus on your tasks that are essential to the development of your company.

At Incorporation Entreprise, many partner lawyers working in the commercial and business fields are at your disposal. You can therefore contact us, regardless of the legal problem or document review concern you are facing.

What is the incorporation of a company with a lawyer concretely?

The incorporation of a company remains above all a managerial strategy. It is a legal process by which a sole proprietorship or any other form of partnership acquires the status of a corporation. It then becomes a legal person holding, in the same way as a natural person, rights and obligations.

Incorporating a business is a delicate decision that requires you to surround yourself properly. If some consider this decision to be risky, consulting a commercial lawyer can help you considerably. Whether it is an SME or a multinational company, the intervention of these specialists can be of great importance.

In the process of incorporating your business, they can guide you in choosing the name of the company, issuing shares and appointing directors.

What are the advantages for the incorporation of a company?

Incorporating a joint-stock company by incorporation is a guarantee of several advantages both for the company and for the various shareholders. In addition to the limited liability of these, incorporation makes it possible to optimize the profitability of the company in terms of financial and fiscal profitability.

For example, the tax rate for a corporation is generally lower than that for individuals and other sole proprietorships. This corporate legal regime offers a possibility of accumulation of income in business for redistribution or future use.

In this register, it is important to contact professionals such as those of Incorporation Entreprise inc. We help you not only to clearly define your business relationships, but also to ensure the stability of your company. It is in this capacity that it will be able to withstand time.

What are the steps for incorporating a company with a lawyer?

If incorporation is the optimal solution for the sustainability of your business, you would benefit from the consultation of a lawyer for better management of legal projects.

Define a company name and competency

In this regard, the role of a business lawyer is to support you while ensuring that the name chosen complies with the legal aspects. We carry out all usual checks to ensure its compliance with the Quebec Charter of the French Language and avoid any similarity or confusion, or to determine the rules applicable to the company and determine its operation.

We are here to help you, and save you time.

Establish the share capital of the company

The purpose of incorporation being the creation of a joint-stock company, its implementation requires the constitution of a share capital that will connect several shareholders. It also defines the different classes of shares available to shareholders.  Our advisors can help you establish your company’s share capital.

Issue shares and appoint directors

At this stage of incorporation, it will be necessary to issue the shares in strict compliance with the law. We are then responsible for drafting the resolutions provided for this purpose and which will have to be included in the minute book.

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Creating a tax bill

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